Our Contractors

Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors: The Ultimate Green Roof Credential

The Roofmeadow-Certified Contractor Program attracts the most experienced, high performing and motivated green roof installers in the country. Roofmeadow provides Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors with bid support, pre-construction support and installation training while supplying long-term performance warranties, maintenance management and project promotion. Roofmeadow is not a design/build firm; we are a Design|Manage|Warrant firm that teams with contractors to build high performance landscapes on structure.  We do not manufacture or sell green roof materials; Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors utilize Roofmeadow-Certified Components that are backed by material testing and over 17 years of experience.  Roofmeadow warrants all Roofmeadow-Certified Components and all workmanship that we oversee. We work with Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors throughout the lifecycle of a green roof – from lead generation to maintenance management.

Lead Generation & Marketing

  • Exclusive access to a searchable on-line database of more than 1,500 green roof leads nationally, updated weekly
  • Green roof marketing campaign promoting the Roofmeadow Network Contractors
  • Promotion of selected green roof projects and the installing Network contractor on the Roofmeadow website
  • Post-construction project promotion program

Bidding Support

  • Priority bidding on Roofmeadow-designed projects
  • Access to our on-line Roofmeadow Bid Room, which includes selected project bid package documents, the Roofmeadow Project Estimation Spreadsheet, the Roofmeadow Bidding Scope/Logistics Memo, Proposal Cover Letter and a listing of Roofmeadow-Certified components and distributors
  • Material and plant sourcing, as needed
  • Material discounts, as applicable
  • Requests for substitutions/clarifications
  • Value-engineering and re-designs with associated justifications, as needed
  • Pre-bid meeting attendance, as needed
  • Post-bid lobbying, as appropriate


  • Submittal preparation
  • Roofmeadow Implementation Memo (with a full construction sequence), as needed
  • Shop drawings preparation
  • Drain conduit layouts
  • Plant layouts, as needed
  • Pre-construction mobilization and trade coordination support
  • Value engineering and re-designs with appropriate justifications, as needed
  • Request for Information support
  • Formal Waterproofing Acceptance Report


  • Roofmeadow Fall Safety Program training
  • Construction oversight to assure installation complies with Roofmeadow warranty guidelines
  • Standard Roofmeadow Guidelines for waterproofing protection, ballasting, and planting
  • Change Order support
  • Technical troubleshooting (both onsite and offsite)*
  • Documentation and negotiation of warranty exclusion issues, as applicable
    *Roofmeadow remains accountable for troubleshooting decisions it makes.

Warranties & Maintenance

  • 10, 15, and 20 Warranties, including Single-Source Warranties with selected waterproofing manufacturers
  • A project-specific Roofmeadow Maintenance Plan and management of the green roof maintenance schedule and requirements
  • Soil test and Maintenance Report Interpretation
  • Maintenance trouble-shooting and ad hoc support

Becoming a Roofmeadow-Certified Contractor