Who We Are

Landscape Architecture + Civil Engineering.

Roofmeadow’s comprehensive landscape architectural services integrate on-ground and on-structure site designs.  Inspired by the placemaking opportunities of vertical urban neighborhoods and campus infill opportunities, we create beautiful spaces that foster and celebrate work, learning and community. Our civil engineering services support integrated site and architectural design, advancing holistic water reuse, innovative green stormwater infrastructure, and the novel use of materials.

Design Innovation Studio.

After decades of innovations in elevated landscape design, Roofmeadow has honed a unique design toolkit and philosophy: No architectural or site constraint is too challenging. We’ve coined “Design Innovation Studio” to echo our philosophy and to describe our distinctive marriage of artistry, thought leadership, technical expertise, and civic engagement, enhanced by creative design/build collaborations with our sister construction firm, Roofmeadow Services, Inc.

Unique Support for Elevated Spaces.

The design and installation of any roofscape present unique technical and trade-coordination challenges. Roofmeadow provides unrivaled lifecycle support and quality assurance for roofscapes, including long term warranties, stewardship guidance, and dedicated contractor support that spans bidding to stewardship.

Design Qualifications.

View Roofmeadow’s Design Qualifications. Explore our recent work and experience how our design vision and technical prowess differentiates us.