Bus Shelter Green Roof

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Press Release:

Green Roofs top Bus Shelters in Center City

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 10, 2011 – The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is teaming with Roofmeadow to give Philadelphians something to look up to.  As part of its Green City, Clean Waters plan, the PWD has commissioned Roofmeadow to create a deployable prefab bus shelter green roof kit. The prototype is to be installed at a bus shelter across the street from City Hall.

Mayor Nutter will launch the installation of the series on June 15 at 12:30. Green City, Clean Waters is the cornerstone of his GreenWorks plan, the stated goal of which is to transform Philadelphia into the greenest city in the United States. “Through the Green City, Clean Water plan, we seek to achieve a host of tangible environmental, social and economic benefits for Philadelphians while improving the health of the City’s creeks, rivers and urban landscape,” added Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug. “That means not only cleaner water for our citizens, but cleaner air, a higher quality of life and meaningful jobs for future generations.”

The Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects will honor Commissioner Neukrug at the launch of the bus shelter green roof series. Commissioner Neukrug is expected to use this opportunity to promote the bus shelter as an emblem of the Green City, Clean Waters initiative.

“The bus shelter project will benefit the city by increasing Philadelphians’ familiarity with a new type of city greening,” says Charlie Miller, P.E. President and Founder of Roofmeadow.

Green roofs with an architectural sheet metal structure  positively contribute to the quality of life in dense urban environments. They help manage rain water and limit the amount of pollution and particulate matter that enters rivers and streams. They create habitat for urban wild life and mitigate the urban heat island effect. According to some great roofing services properly designed and maintained roofs, with a regular roof repair, can double or triple the life span of a waterproofing membrane and provide benefits for multiple generations of urban dwellers. Through the bus shelter program all Philadelphians can see a green roof made by the best roofer contractors up close and personal.

Roofmeadow is a 14-year old Philadelphia-based roofing contractor. The residential roofers have designed and, through their Network of green residential roofing contractor company, installed over 140 green roofs across the U.S. including Chicago City Hall, PECO Main Office Building and New Kensington CAPA High School.