Stewardship Program

Because of our promises in the Roofmeadow Workmanship Warranty, two years of maintenance is included in the purchase of every Roofmeadow green roof. Great, but what does that really mean? Only after spending countless hours in the field evaluating nearly all of our green roofs as they mature did we finalize what is now the gold standard in green roof Maintenance Programs.

Our research has confirmed that, even after a green roof is well established, a little bit of well-timed maintenance is all that’s needed to keep most green roofs healthy and vibrant. On the other hand, neglect can do irreparable harm. What’s involved? Tracking plant and weed behavior, annual soil testing, weeding, infilling, fertilizing, and monitoring drains, edging and any other roof elements that are visible


Documented maintenance is a condition of the Roofmeadow warranty. To comply with their Workmanship Warranty and the Roofmeadow Maintenance Plan, Roofmeadow Network Contractors submit complete, timely Roofmeadow Maintenance Reports and annual water (if irrigated) and soil test results for Roofmeadow’s review. So long as Roofmeadow continues to receive Roofmeadow Maintenance Reports and the required annual tests on schedule, we will guaranty the viability of the plants for the duration of the warranty, which is usually up to 20 years. That’s a lot of green roof maintenance to manage – in fact, we are managing maintenance for over 55 green roofs!

Understandably, we strongly advocate that all our clients work with the installing Roofmeadow Network Contractors for ongoing green roof maintenance for the duration of the Roofmeadow Warranty. For clients choosing to maintain their own green roofs, we offer training courses for long-term maintenance crews. Ongoing green roof maintenance is that important to the success of your green roof.

Sound too complicated? Not to worry. Every Roofmeadow warranty (standard or single source) comes with our project-specific Roofmeadow Maintenance Plan a.k.a., your Roofmeadow Green Roof Owner’s Manual, where we spell out the green roof maintenance “Do’s and Don’t’s.”


Green roof plant behavior still presents many questions. Performance varies across micro- and macroclimates and depends on characteristics of the green roof profile and the plants themselves. To solve some of these mysteries, Roofmeadow built a powerful database into which we upload performance data on each plant species mined from each Roofmeadow Maintenance Report we receive. The database cross references plant performance with other information including the green roof design, plant establishment method, irrigation strategies, maintenance protocol, climates, rainfall data, etc. Outputs from our plant database inform and improve our green roof designs, project maintenance plans, and plant selection. Slogging through field data may not always be glamorous but it does get results.


Obviously we want to understand how Roofmeadow green roofs perform, but we think our clients want to know too. We take our customer service obligation seriously and created an easy-to-read tool that helps our clients to follow their green roofs’ progress. Our clients receive a Roofmeadow Green Roof Report Card twice a year. We also email a copy of these Report Cards to the lead designers along with a few photos. So often, the original project design team has little opportunity to keep track of these ever-evolving roof systems. We aim to share our knowledge and help bridge that gap.