Material Certification Program

In lieu of manufacturing or reselling green roof products, Roofmeadow certifies green roof materials to facilitate the high level of quality control associated with every other aspect of Roofmeadow green roofs.  Download the list of Roofmeadow-Certified Materials here.  We rely on the Roofmeadow Certification Program to:

•  Associate the Roofmeadow brand with a nationally-respected credential for green roof materials
•  Emphasize our low-cost, high quality approach to green roof installations
•  Improve sales (yes, we admit it)
•  Raise the industry standards for green roof material performance

The Roofmeadow team has evaluated and cataloged our large library of green roof components.  We also identified needed performance data that is not presently available. Remember, most of the components used for green roofs were originally designed for other purposes, so performance characteristics appropriate to green roofs are not always available. Then, we generated our short list of Roofmeadow Certified Materials. Roofmeadow green roofs will include only Roofmeadow Certified Materials.

Material Selection

Roofmeadow certifies no more than three products satisfying any one material specification at one time.  As conditions change, new products will be added to and superfluous ones deleted from the Roofmeadow-Certified Materials list. We are continually reviewing products to determine that they satisfy our demanding specifications and offer the best value.

Criteria for Roofmeadow-Certified Materials

• Best-in-class  in quality and performance
• Cost-competitive
• Backed by appropriate testing and compliant with Roofmeadow specifications
• Available throughout the United States
• Preferred pricing for Roofmeadow Network Contractors based on volume sales

Truth in Labeling

You will know Roofmeadow-Certified Materials when you see them. Really. It will be obvious, so accept no substitutes.