Warranty Program

When we say “green roofs for good,” we’re not kidding. We believe environmental stewardship isn’t a trend. It’s a long-term investment in the future – a future in which we’re all stakeholders. That’s why every Roofmeadow green roof is designed, engineered, crafted, constructed and planted to do good today, tomorrow and for a long time to come. It’s why we comply with the most stringent guidelines. It’s why we research, innovate and advocate. And it’s why we stand by every one of our installations with industry-leading warranty coverage lasting 20 years or more, in addition to our standard two-year maintenance program. In short, we want your green roof to last for generations, and we have the warranty and maintenance program to prove it.

Our Guaranty: We don’t just warranty a roof, we guaranty an ecosystem.

A green roof is a serious investment, and you should have a way of protecting that investment. What happens if plants die or wind blows the media away or a pervasive fungus takes root or water fails to sufficiently drain or the irrigation system is faulty? Sometimes bad things happen, even to the best designed green roof. That’s why our no dollar limit warranties are our commitment to you that we will make it right. Since our inception, we have issued no dollar limit Standard Warranties that cover the green roof materials and labor for a period of up to 20 years, depending on the duration of the separate waterproofing warranty. And just as waterproofing manufacturers stand behind their certified roofers, we stand behind our green roof installers. Single source warranties that cover both the Roofmeadow® green roof and the waterproofing are available with Sika Sarnafil and the Henry Company.

Our Process: Warranties start at the beginning.

Whether a Roofmeadow Standard Warranty or a single source warranty, our commitment to our green roofs is the same, and our approach to protecting the roof and minimizing risk starts at the design phase and continues through to construction. Our designs routinely include wind stabilization systems, proven plant palettes, profiles that enable Electric Field Vector Mapping® (EFVM®) for easy leak detection. All of our designs utilize FLL-compliant green roof media and profiles that efficiently use moisture to minimize the risk of desiccation or waterlogging.

After the waterproofing installation, but before the vegetative cover installation, we inspect the waterproofing and document the condition of the membrane before we begin working on the roof. This process is memorialized in our Waterproofing Acceptance Report – our acknowledgement that, once any identified flaws are repaired, we accept that any rips, punctures or tears in the membrane beneath the green roof were most likely caused by the green roof installation team. This important Acceptance Report process eliminates any “finger pointing” between trades that can occur in a roof leak situation.

During the green roof installation, we provide construction oversight and troubleshooting to head off unexpected risks. If a leak were to occur, our team takes full responsibility for leaks caused by us or the green roof contractor and, in those cases, will pay for leak detection, uncovering, repair and restoration. For green roofs covered by a single source warranty, whoever issues the warranty covers the costs if there is any dispute as to fault. All because the best way to prevent problems is simply to avoid them in the first place.

Our No-fault option: You have options. Because it’s your roof. Your warranty. Your call.

We’re happy to include no-fault provisions in our Standard Warranty. This provision obligates us to cover the cost of leak detection, uncovering, waterproofing repair and restoration regardless of the cause of the problem. Depending on the complexity of the green roof, this provision may add an additional cost to the warranty. It should be noted that additional warranty costs will also be included for installations that can increase the cost of finding leaks, such as those with Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) systems or EPDM roofing membranes.

Our Workmanship Warranty: We stand on our green roof designs.

In addition to our General Warranty coverage, we back all Roofmeadow green roof assemblies with a separate two-year Workmanship Warranty. It guarantees two years of maintenance and a minimum plant coverage rate. Plus, in all cases, if a leak should occur, we will quickly dispatch a Roofmeadow Network Contractor to help locate the problem and expose the defective waterproofing ASAP.